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Lower School

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Lower School

Very young children thrive in the safe, structured, Christ-centered atmosphere at The Atonement Academy. They are encouraged to develop self-discipline and cooperate with each other and make friends. They also learn to work hard, follow directions, and complete assignments with their best efforts. Young scholars focus on accelerated reading and math skills as well as phonics and music.

The lower school curriculum consists of Religion (Faith and Life series), Saxon Math (a full grade level ahead), and a complete English Language Arts program ( Reading, Saxon Phonics, Shurley Grammar and Composition, Spelling and Vocabulary). The curriculum emphasizes handwriting and uses the Writing Our Catholic Faith series at all grade levels. In addition, the lower school curriculum includes  Social Studies in PreK through Grade 1, then launches into the Story of the World series for the History curriculum in Grades 2 through 5 In addition, the curriculum includes Science, Music, Athletics and Latin. Art projects occur at every grade level, typically in conjunction with a literature or history lesson.  Proficiency in reading is emphasized because it is essential to all other studies; consequently, every student participates in the Accelerated Reader Program.