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Middle School Highlights

///Middle School Highlights
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Middle School Highlights

Highlights of the middle school experience consists of:

  • the infusion of grace through participation in daily Mass
  • a Religion program faithful to the Magisterium, the Faith and Life series, which presents Catholic teaching using the time-tested ecclesial methodology and spiral development of catechesis in a beautiful, student-friendly, comprehensive format
  • a fully tracked Math program, allowing students to progress through the math sequence at their own pace and mastery (Saxon Math 8/7, Saxon Math Algebra ½, Saxon Math Algebra I, and Jurgensen’s Geometry)
  • a complete English Language Arts program which helps student develop important reading and writing skills through Shurley Grammar and Composition, while inspiring a love of literature through the reading of novels and non-fiction.
  • an emphasis on proficiency in reading, which is essential to all other studies, through the utilization of the Accelerated Reader Program at every grade level
  • the inclusion of a handwriting program, which plays an important role in literacy development, using the Writing Our Catholic Faith series
  • a Science program which balances hands-on experiments with the systematic study of terms and concepts in life, earth, and physical sciences. Students are taught the unity of faith and reason, understanding that God create the world and all matter out of nothing, and how it manifests His wisdom, glory, and purpose.
  • a History program—with integrated Art History—with an emphasis on Western Civilization and the role of the Church in human history, analyzing cultures to show how they give expression to the transcendental aspects of life, including reflection on the mystery of the world and the mystery of humanity. Middle scholars in Grade 8 will reflect on their civic duty in relation to the great ideas of freedom expressed by our founding fathers.
  • an emphasis on Sacred Music, answering the Second Vatican Council’s order to preserve and foster the great treasury of church music, beginning with Gregorian chant and progressing through the great music of the 19th and 20th centuries
    the introduction of the Latin language, with the recognition of Latin as the official language of the Church and the hallmark of Western Civilization
  • an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle through daily participation in Physical Education at all grade levels, with P.E. class coinciding with most interscholastic sports’ practices
  • the integration of student services within the school day, with weekly classes in Health, Technology, library resources, college counseling, and a monthly advisory program guiding and mentoring our students in mastering skills, with an emphasis on study skills, sleep habits, time management, and the other skills necessary for students to be successful in the pursuit of the intellectual, physical, and spiritual virtues
  • an understanding of our call to service to the wider community, with involvement in volunteer opportunities, such as raising funds for our sister school in the Holy Land, collecting cans for Catholic Charities, and participating in the service programs of the school and parish
  • Early and After School Care available