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Upper School

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Upper School

The Atonement Academy enjoys one of the finest academic reputations in San Antonio with a graduation rate of 100%, in addition to a 100% four-year college acceptance rate. Over the past several years, the graduating classes have been accepted by a variety of colleges and universities, including many prominent schools such as Stanford, the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), the Naval Academy, Boston College, Notre Dame, Rice, UC-Berkley, Duke, Washington and Lee, Hillsdale College, and the like. Additionally, students have been blessed with the acquisition of millions of dollars in scholarship funds. For example, the 2017 graduating class of 25 students was awarded over 3.1 million dollars’ worth of scholarships!

Our school, initially established as a grade school in 1994, instituted its upper school program with a small freshman class in 2004. We were recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School in 2005. Our inaugural class of 12 students graduated in June 2008. Our upper school maintains accreditation standards of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) through the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department (TCCED).

There are many factors that contribute to The Atonement Academy’s success. The Academy’s college preparatory program encourages scholars to develop intellectual ability, make moral decisions, and solidify commitments to Catholic values and attitudes. Students read classic literature, study the history of the world from the viewpoint of Western Christian culture, receive the fullness of the Church’s moral teaching without modification or embellishment, and are challenged to think for themselves and to write what they think. Our students study Latin, the language on which Western civilization is built, the knowledge of which assists them in the mastery of a range of studies from English grammar to literature to science to theology. Our program of study prepares scholars for living in this world and arriving in the next.

Upper scholars pursue a course of study that is specified by the administration and is guided in part by college expectations, in part by diploma requirements, and in part by The Academy’s educational philosophy. Courses taken each year typically include Theology, English, Mathematics, History, Science, Latin and Music.
As part of a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, all upper scholars take multiple AP and honors level courses.

An analysis of testing data shows that students are achieving well above the national norm, with the mean score for The Atonement Academy students to be in the top 10% of scores nationally.