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Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education

The Atonement Academy curriculum maintains an unwavering commitment to provide an education that upholds the enduring principles of Western civilization. This commitment to Western Civilization and the classical, Catholic principles set forth in our heritage is increasingly important in today’s secularized world.

As The Congregation for Catholic Education stated in “Educating Today and Tomorrow: A Renewing Passion,” a high school devoted to Christ and the development of the whole human person is such an important element in the rearing of thoughtful, honest, and upright young men and women in today’s secularized world.

The Atonement Academy faces this challenge head on. Our Scope and Sequence facilitates the development of the whole human person, centered around the Truth as manifested in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made Flesh.

Each Upper School student takes four years of rigorous coursework in Western history and literature. Called Humanities, this course of study offers concurrent and coordinated history and literature classes.
The Humanities sequence:

  • begins in the ninth grade with an analysis of Hebrew, Greek, Roman and Christian history and literature;
  • in the tenth grade, the study continues with a survey of medieval and early modern European history and literature;
  • followed by the eleventh grade examination of American history and literature as well as the study of rhetoric;
  • which leads into a twelfth grade course in government and economics and the study of British literature.

Upper School students at The Atonement Academy follow a rigorous, college preparatory course of study. This includes four years each of:

  • interlaced Humanities (Literature and History)
  • Latin
  • Laboratory Science
  • Mathematics
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Art history
  • and Interscholastic Sport

As The Atonement Academy moves into the contemporary technical and scientific world, The Academy has emphasized the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) components in the curricula. In addition to the History, Latin, and English Language and Composition and Literature and Composition Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, The Atonement Academy also offers:

  • AP Chemistry (10th grade)
  • AP Biology (12th grade)
  • AP Physics I & II (11th grade) and AP Physics C (12th grade)
  • AP Calculus A/B and AP Calculus B/C
  • AP Statistics

The Scope and Sequence at The Atonement Academy maintains the search for the Truth in the classical, Catholic manner.  Other approaches may state they, too, are a classical approach searching for truth, but without the understanding of God as the source of all Truth, all other approaches will fail to find the Truth.