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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What time can I drop off my student at the school?   When can I pick up my child? The front door and all classrooms for The Atonement Academy open at 7:30 am.  Classes begin promptly at 7:45 am for all grade levels (Pre-K 3 through 12th).

There are two pick-up times in the afternoon:

      • Pre-Kinder through 5th:   3:15pm
      • 6th through 12th: 3:30 pm
  1. Are there early drop-off and late pick-up opportunities? There are, we have before-school staring at 6:30 till 7:30 and after-school starting at 3:45 pm till 6:00 pm.  After school charges are $2.00 per quarter hour, per child. No special arrangements need to be made.
  2. Do I need to notify you if someone else will be picking up my child/children? Yes, You will need to complete the Parent Authorization and Direction for After-School Arrangements with the names of any persons authorized to pick up your child/children.  This form is also needed if your child will participate in any extracurricular activities (e.g., choir, clubs, tutoring, sports, etc.)
  1. I want to coordinate my calendar with that of the school, where can I find the school calendar? The monthly calendar can be found on our website at
  1. Whom do I contact if I have a question about my financial account with The Atonement Academy? For all financial matters, please contact our Business office or
  1. May I volunteer at The Atonement Academy? You must have Safe Environment-Virtus Training and Background check on file.  Forms are available from our receptionist, or visit  there is a nominal fee.      
  1. Is being a Catholic a requirement? No, but families must understand that we have daily Mass as well as Religion classes every day.        
  1. How do I get announcements, general school information, and updates? We have an online mail out through your parent’s FACTS SIS account.                                                                          

For more information, please contact our admissions office at (210) 695-2240. or Apply Now by clicking here !