Middle school boys and girls learn and develop in a challenging atmosphere, where the expectation is that each student will always do his or her best with full support from school and from home.

The Middle School curriculum consists of Religion, English, Mathematics, History, Science, Music, Latin, Art History, and Athletics. At this stage in their development, students are encouraged to begin thinking critically and analytically as well as honing their skills in the technical aspects of reading and writing. For example, in Math, they begin Algebra and Geometry; in English, they begin serious composition; in Latin, they begin rigorous analysis of grammar. Proficiency in reading is emphasized because it is essential to all other studies; consequently, every middle scholar participates in the Accelerated Reader program.

Musical excellence is a hallmark of The Atonement Academy. Every Atonement student takes a full credit course in choral music every year. Each student is assigned to one of the academy’s choirs. Choirs in Grades 3 through 12 take turns singing at the daily school Mass. Every choir performs at least twice yearly, in some cases more frequently. Our most proficient choirs are competitive state-wide. Every student is expected to participate fully in the music program.

Middle School Curriculum Overview