The Atonement Academy has been doing well with the implementation of an administration team, where decisions are made with group discussions by people who are in tune on what is going on in and around every aspect of this school. The system has been praised by many visitors from other schools who have never seen anything quite like it. A new member of the Administration Team has been appointed and we all couldn’t be more proud and excited to go in to the new year moving forward.John

A Headmaster is supposed to be someone who is there for the teachers, to guide and help them when need be. Having a teaching Headmaster is very important in the running of this school. This is someone who still teaches and is in touch with what is going on in the classroom – as well as someone who gives a distinct voice for the teachers themselves on the Administration Team. It is difficult to bring someone new into the fold for such a position – someone whose values stand with those of the Atonement. Luckily, we have one of our own stepping up to the plate! Mr. John Markovetz, a veteran teacher at this school for 12 years, has been named Headmaster of the Atonement Academy. We look forward to the future and to see the great things we will accomplish alongside Mr. Markovetz as Headmaster.