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Life in the Lower School

Very young children thrive in the safe, structured, Christ-centered atmosphere at The Atonement Academy. They are encouraged to develop self-discipline and cooperate with each other and make friends. They also learn to work hard, follow directions, and complete assignments with their best efforts. Young scholars focus on accelerated reading and math skills as well as phonics and music.

The Atonement Academy believes in the dignity and worth of every child. We believe in providing a nurturing environment where all children are challenged to meet their full potential and all children are celebrated for their unique qualities as a child of God. We believe deeply in the tremendous potential of all children and have deliberately and successfully sculpted an educational experience that emphasizes rigorous traditional learning, self-discipline, and character development, while providing the nurturing environment that allows each child to blossom as the Image and Likeness of God. Both in and out of the classroom, our dedicated faculty take seriously their awesome responsibility to build the character of their students. They model, understand, and reaffirm the importance of the intellectual, spiritual, and physical virtues which allow our students to fully become who God intended them to be.

Classrooms provide an active, vibrant atmosphere where learning is fun and teachers nurture and guide each child to the acquisition of knowledge and virtue. Many of the most consequential skills in education are learned in the earliest years of school. Language, memory, imagination, empathy, and a positive attitude toward learning are all Lower School achievements. We believe that the primary purpose of the first six years of school is not merely to impart knowledge, but rather to cultivate habits. Every time a child chooses to be responsible, resourceful, inventive, brave—or generous, kind or forgiving that choice increases the likelihood of that behavior being repeated in the future. Habits are intellectual and social decisions that have become natural, reliable responses. A good habit is a virtue, and our highest goal as teachers is to help children develop worthy habits of the mind and habits of the heart, fulfilling our mission: At The Atonement Academy, we strive for excellence in the physical, the intellectual, and the spiritual virtues through a challenging course of classical and Catholic education.