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Middle School

The experience of the Middle School students at The Atonement Academy is one of vast opportunities academically, socially and spiritually. We support the continuous improvement of student achievement and our curriculum was designed not only to meet, but to exceed state and national standards. Socially, we offer many extracurricular activities, including interscholastic sports (Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Cross Country, Track, Tennis), STEM clubs such as Robotics, and theater, and social gatherings such as Middle School Gym night, tailgates, Mother-Son Dinner, Father-Daughter Dance, and other engaging events. Middle school students grow spiritually through their daily religion lessons, participation in daily Mass, learning about the saints of the day, sacred music instruction, and an emphasis on the world around them and their role in it.

The Middle School provides students with a lifelong intellectual and spiritual foundation through a rigorous and innovative curriculum focused on faith, critical thinking, responsibility and service. The Middle School education at The Atonement Academy incorporates the hallmarks of a traditional Catholic education, instilling diligence and self-discipline through a rigorous and challenging curriculum and a positive emphasis on self-mastery during the often turbulent years of adolescence. According to Brownlee, Hotinski, Pailthorp, Ragan, and Wong (1999), the authors of “Inside the Teen Brain,” the adolescent brain is still creating “the connections between neurons that affect not only emotional skills but also physical and mental abilities.” Kelly Graham and Elsbeth Prigmore (2009), authors of “Order in the Classroom,” elaborated on that idea by saying, “Adolescents are supposed to test limits as an age-appropriate response to their environment.” An understanding of Piaget’s Age and Stage theory allows our Middle School faculty to guide and mentor middle scholars as they begin to think more about moral, philosophical, ethical, and political issues that require theoretical and abstract reasoning.

As The Congregation for Catholic Education stated in “Educating Today and Tomorrow: A Renewing Passion,” a high school devoted to Christ and the development of the whole human person is such an important element in the rearing of thoughtful, honest, and upright young men and women in today’s secularized world. The Atonement Academy faces this challenge head on. Our Scope and Sequence facilitates the development of the whole human person, centered around the Truth as manifested in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made Flesh.

Middle School Highlights

  • Infusion of grace through participation in daily Mass

  • Religion program faithful to the Magisterium

  • Fully tracked Math program

  • Emphasis on proficiency in reading

  • Inclusion of a handwriting program

  • Emphasis on Sacred Music

  • Integration of Technology

  • Understanding of our call for service to the wider community.

  • Early and school care program