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Financial Assistance

The Atonement Academy recognizes the importance of Catholic education and the need for some families to make Catholic education more affordable. That is why in the 2017-2018 school year, The Atonement Academy along with Our Lady of the Atonement gave $540,000 in financial aid using only institutional money. We are dedicated to making a Catholic education affordable for every child.

The Academy offers the following for Financial Aid:

  • Family Financial Aid (FFA) (three or more children)
  • Assistance through our Parish

Apply for the Family Financial Aid using the application link below:

FFA Form – Family Financial Aid Application

The Atonement Academy is a parish school and the parish supports the apostolate of Catholic education. Parishioners of Our Lady of the Atonement may apply for Parish Assistance calling the office at (210) 695-2244.


Merit Scholarships for Upper School
Merit Scholarships are awarded to incoming and rising freshmen students during each of his or her four years in the Upper School at The Atonement Academy. A limited number of scholarships are given yearly. Applicants are considered based on their standardized test results, grades, recommendations, application and a written essay. Merit Scholar recipients are students who demonstrate strong character, intellectual curiosity and a commitment to community.

Third Party Scholarships for Upper School
The criteria used for additional third party tuition assistance scholarships were established by the scholarship donors.

  • Knights of Columbus Scholarship
  • Joseph’s Society Scholarship
  • Alice Rosa Scholarship

Scholarship monies are awarded by an institution, corporate sponsors or local organizations. Information regarding merit-based scholarship money awarded by an institution can be found on their website or The College Counselor will provide students and families with scholarship opportunities as they become available through Renweb.