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Tours and Shadow Visits

To best be able to discern whether The Atonement Academy is the right school for a family, we offer different ways for candidate families to learn more about the school. Individual tours can be scheduled with the Director of Admissions on an appointment basis. Most  tours starts at 8:45am and concludes with daily school Mass which begins at 9:10am. If you are unable to make the morning tour, please call the office for other available times.

Students seeking admission to 1st grade and above are required to take our admission and placement exam.  Families can schedule the placement exam(s) after the tour or at another time.  Most families are able to make a decision about pursuing admission based on these tours. In some cases, a student may still be undecided after a tour. In that case, The Atonement Academy offers shadow visits for students seeking admission.

Shadow visitors are assigned to follow a current student for either a full school day or a half school day in order to get a more in-depth feel of the school environment.   Each shadow visitor will be required to bring a lunch.

We are excited when students are eager to come join The Atonement family and wish to spend a day with us. However, because our shadow visit require additional preparation and participation by current students, we ask that all shadow visits be pre-arranged with the Director of Admissions, Mrs. Yolanda Joiner.